I need more feathers!

I read a blog recently by Ann Voskamp.  She told us how to make a Gratitude jar to keep things we are thankful for in. I tried to order the jar she had, but it was sold out.  So I went on Ebay and found an alternative which I love!

feather 1

I printed the tag, tied it on the jar with twine, and got ready to fill it with thankful things!  I decided to write my thankful things on paper feathers.  So I printed up lots and cut them out.  I put them in a jar and wrote “feathers” on the chalkboard label.  My dear friend Holly B. gave me the jar!

feathers 2

feather 3

Well the only thing wrong with this plan is I need more feathers.  God has been so good to me that I need more feathers to thank Him.  A great problem!  When my jar is too full, I will take out the feathers, and fill it again and again.  Such joy in the simple task, the numbering my gratitude, writing down my joy, it is soothing and happy all at the same time! I type, “I need more feathers” with happy tears spilling down my cheeks. Eucharisteo!

I also carry a small notebook with me in case I am away from home and need to add something I am thankful for to my list.

feather 5

This is the blog that inspired me!  Thank you Ann Voskamp!




3 thoughts on “I need more feathers!

  1. Twyla May 15, 2014 / 7:24

    I love this. (And you)


    Sent from my iPhone

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