Deadheading Zinnias

dead head 1

Summer has taken a toll on our flowers.  It has been super hot and we are in the middle of a long hard drought.  In an attempt, hopefully not futile, to help my poor zinnias, I deadheaded the flowers that had gone to seed.  I hope the little plants will send out more flowers since all the old ones have been pruned.  It was not the funnest job I have done in a while.  It is hot even early in the morning and not any cooler in the evening.   The thoughts of spiders and snakes also galloped through my mind, just saying, not very fun!  So I grabbed a huge iced tea and stuck my ear buds in and cranked up some great tunes to drown out the dripping sweat and spider thoughts.  It worked and I worked and I finished the job and my zinnias smiled and waved appreciation as I splashed water all over them.  Pruning is not fun, but necessary.  I know because God has been working on me lately too.  Just like the zinnias I need some serious help.  I like the flowers am saying thanks!  I feel better Lord when you cut off the parts of me that aren’t productive or necessary. My heart rejoices that you love me enough to tend to my garden.  I am joyful in your love and encouragement, Lord!  Help me to wait for the prayer requests that are so high on my heart.  Help me to rest and soak up all this lovely water you are pouring out on me.  Your answers are always worth the pruning and the wait!



2 thoughts on “Deadheading Zinnias

  1. beegee10 June 25, 2014 / 7:24

    looking forward to hearing more about the growth that comes from the pruning 🙂

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