A circle of protection


I struggle with spending quality and quantity time with God each day.  I am easily distracted and any excuse will cause me to stop and do something else.  Not proud of that but just being honest.  In the past few weeks, I have made a pact to sit down with my breakfast right after I feed the Yorkies and spend time with Him.  It has worked well and I have treasured this time with Him, but I have had an issue I couldn’t fix.  While I was praying I would loose focus and think of everything under the sun.  It was frustrating, because I have some huge things I am praying for and I really wanted to focus on them!  The Lord took me to Psalm 34 the other morning and an awesome verse jumped out and gave me hope!

God’s angel sets up a circle of protection around us while we pray.  Psalm 34:7 MSG

Just thinking about this thought, of my prayer time with Him being so important to Him that He would send someone down to my little table in my breakfast nook to keep me safe and help me spend time with Him really transformed my prayer time.  I guess I am a real simple woman, but the simplest things are often the most valuable things to me.  So I hope this little lesson will be of value to you too.  A circle of protection each time you pray, nothing can get thru it to harm your time with HIM! Yes!


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