Volume tuning


I read this statement this morning on a random blog:

Healing is a capacity to feel both JOY and Sorrow.

For the longest time I joked that my “crier” was broken.  I felt things, but as if the volume was turned down, turned down too much. In recent months my volume has been adjusting.  Moving into a more level position.  Simple steps helped.  I stopped watching a little morning TV.  I chose to just sit on my deck and watch the birds, sip my tea, number my blessings and pray in my day.  The next step was writing down the Scripture treasures I found in those quiet moments.  I put them in a small flip style notebook.  I would review them over and over and over again.  The funny thing is quiet reset my volume faster than loud ever could.  I sought out quiet.  When I designed cards, I didn’t turn on the TV or music, I worked in silence.


I numbered the joys.  I looked for beauty each day and recorded them.  Not always on paper, but always in my heart and mind.


Blue jay squawking at me to put out another suet block, humming birds dive bombing each other, and rain, this summer we had some rain!  It smells good and refreshes me like little else can.  I try to drop my worries like they are hot potatoes, quickly before they get too blown up out of proportion.  The why the “crier” was broken and the volume was too low is not the issue, the issue is restoration and bridge building, and joy showers!  It’s moving forward, slowly on purpose, drinking it all in with JOY, PEACE, GRACE, and HOPE!  I don’t have a reset button, but I am feeling reset, and I didn’t do much, He did!  Thank you Lord for being with me each day and directing my path.




3 thoughts on “Volume tuning

  1. jimwking August 17, 2014 / 7:24

    K Great insight and inspiration, thanks J

  2. Debbie August 17, 2014 / 7:24

    I love how He resets us! God bless you!

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