Joy Stealer


This small sign sits on my desk in my studio.  Even the word “studio” is rather pretentious, as if I were a real artist.  I grew up in a house of genius’, artists, authors. and people much smarter and more talented than me, at least that’s how I perceived it.   They were up high and I just walked on the ground, never achieving much in comparison.  And then I met two wonderful men,  my Savior, Jesus, and my knight, Jim.  It took them many years to pour confidence and encouragement into my heart and mind.  I learned to quit trying to be as good as …..fill in the blank.  I quit trying to be like anyone else.  I became more and more content with just being me, Karen Worth.  My art, my writing, even my style of dressing, decorating, cooking, laughing, just being aren’t done for anyone else’s approval.   They are done for the pure joy of serving Jesus.    His eyes only do I look for the nod, the smile, the YES!  But some days I read a blog, or see a Pinterest card, or read a poem, and I am back in my childhood house thinking, not good enoughness!  It steals my joy, comparison, sucks all the joy of anything I create.  But the thief won’t win!   I am complete in Him! I am fearfully and wonderfully made in His image!  I am enough!  So are each of you.  You are more than enough.  Don’t waste time comparing.  Be YOU!  Be YOU!  Be YOU! Walk in JOY!



One thought on “Joy Stealer

  1. Debbie September 23, 2014 / 7:24

    Thank you so much for sharing about how comparison steals our joy! God bless you and all He puts your hand to!

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