I have a special friend who made a statement that challenged me.  She said this year instead of taking something away for Lent, she was going to add something.  She planned to read through the Gospels in 40 days.  This sounded like a great plan to me. She recommended using Margaret Feinberg’s plan.  The site is below:

This plan has you read through the Gospels marking verbs in red, people in green, numbers in orange, and the Holy Spirit, angels and the prophetic are in blue.  Slowing down enough to mark the verses really made me think about what I read.  But the verbs, the verbs had a huge impact on me.  I just finished Mark with tears in my eyes.  It has truly “added” to my life this Lent!  Here are just a few of these special verbs:

written, appeared, repentance, confessed, follow, cast, called, obey, spread, prayed, commanded, forgives, praised, knew, tell, pours, sown, hear, accept, receive with joy, consider, calms, ran, gathered, suffered, healed, arrested, rest, listen, understand, give thanks, transfigured, cursed, questioned, betrayed, crucified, was torn, has risen, forgiven, BELIEVE!

I am so thankful for Lent that leads to Jesus and His resurrection.  I hope you find ways to remember Him as you prepare for Easter.  Be amazed at HIS WORD and those beautiful verbs.


2 thoughts on “Verbs

  1. Margaret Feinberg (@mafeinberg) March 10, 2015 / 7:24

    Karen, I am so thrilled you have joined us on the Gospel #LentChallenge and am overjoyed that you are enjoying the color method! Can’t wait to hear what you learn in the weeks leading up to Easter Sunday.

  2. karenworth March 11, 2015 / 7:24

    I thought Mark was amazing until I started Luke. Reading the Gospels for Lent has challenged and excited me and lead me to hunger for His Word in a way I have needed for a long time! Slowing down and marking the verses has been so beneficial. Too many blessings to name!

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