Just be

After a busy week, this morning I want to just be.    I am sharing some of Jim’s photos.  None were staged, this is how he found things.  They are lovely and relaxing.  Hope you enjoy this little oasis moment.

Just be….quiet

Just be…still

Just be…patient

Just be…content

Just be…prayerful

Just be….joyful

Psalm 37:7

The Message

Quiet down before God,

be prayerful before him.


At the end of the road

Many of you have heard the story from the Bible about the prodigal son.  It is a moving story and can be found in the book of Luke.  Luke 15:11-32 if you would like to read it.  Anyway, I am not a father and I do not have a son, but I have been looking down the road for the one I love for a long time.  The father in the story of the Lost Son, saw his son coming when he was a long way off.  That means the father always had his eyes and his heart looking down the road for his loved child.  My eyes and my heart and everything else are looking and waiting for that day.  That day when I see her coming.  I will run to meet her when she comes.  You see I put all my Hope in Him to make this happen.  Nothing I do can fix it, except pray.

 2 Timothy 1:12 NIV

Because I know whom I have believed, and am convinced that he is able to guard what I have entrusted to him until that day.

I just have to trust and wait.  Today is the day that I first saw her, held her, and looked into her eyes.

Happy birthday Baby Girl.  I miss you more than the air I breath.



Not just a paper weight

Some time back we had a friend over for dinner.  He was in San Antonio for business and found time to come visit us.  He was in Jim’s flying squadron back during Desert Storm.  He and his wife and girls live in Virginia.  Many years ago when he was in Jim’s squadron, he flew what he thought would be an ordinary mission.  When he and his pilot took off at RAF Upper Heyford England, his plane was on fire.  Due to the fire, they had to eject from their aircraft.  I need to let you know that at the time, I thought he was a Christian.  He was a nice guy, great husband, with good values.  Anyway, he and his pilot survived the ejection and no lives were lost on the ground when the plane crashed.  I remember going to the hospital that day and hugging him and being so glad he was alive.  I wasn’t aware that he really wasn’t a Christian and years later when we reconnected with him and his family, he was a different guy.  After the crash he found he needed a relationship with Jesus and someone led him to meet Him.  It was so wonderful to know that God gave him a second chance to get saved.  God’s Grace was abundant the day he crashed. Jim has a piece of molten metal that was a part of the crashed plane, and the stick that is used to steer the plane in his study here at the house.  We told our friend that we keep the blob of metal to remember God’s Amazing Grace. It sits on a book by Max Lucado about Grace!  It’s not just a paperweight! It’s more, so much more!

Don’t steal my figs!

I grew up mainly in the country.  We moved to Amarillo when I was in the seventh grade.  I was not a fan of the bigger school or city. I was happy when we moved back home to San Marcos.   As a kid, we raised dogs, cats,chickens, a pig named Linda, a sheep named Betty,  and a Shetland pony named Stormy and there was lots of wild life to observe out in the hill country of south-central  Texas  When five years ago, Jim and I moved back to Texas, we thought we were getting a “garden home” but we moved to the “wild kingdom”  instead! We have seen squirrels,  coyotes, skunks, raccoons, snakes, and opossums at our “garden”  home!  I was okay with all the opossums we had in our back yard until they began to eat all my figs at the moment they became ripe.  That ticked me off.  One night when Libby, our smallest Yorkie, cornered one on the back gate, I grabbed my gardening gloves and an empty trash can.  I reached out and caught that thief by the tail, plopped him in the trash can, and put a lid on it.  I think I surprised Jim! We drove the fig thief to another location.   I didn’t want to kill him, just ask him to go eat someone else’s figs! I can’t remember how many opossums we captured, but between the catch em’ alive trap, and my trash can, it was a lot!  (On a side note, Fig Newtons are great opossum bait!) I think we should have painted numbers on their backs.  Now opossums have 50 teeth and make a hissing sound when you grab them by the tail. Our pest control guy was surprised to hear that I grabbed them by their tails.  He asked me if I knew how many teeth they have!    It can be frightening if you didn’t have something to protect yourself, like my gloves.  There is a verse in God’s word that describes an enemy that has teeth.

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:  1 Peter 5:8-9 KJV

Satan would like to scare us and keep us afraid of everything.  We have something to protect us from him too, God’s Word and our salvation.  We don’t fight him though, Jesus has already won that battle on our behalf.  I just saw the first figs on my trees and in a few months I will have some visitors.  I have  enough trees now that I don’t mind sharing!  I refuse to give anything to Satan though, especially my JOY!


Something happened to me one day while I was shopping.  Two little girls and their mom were in line ahead of me.  Of course I was instantly thrown back almost thirty years in time to my two girls.  These girls were extra cute.  They had on little skirts and their hair was fixed so cute, you could tell they were sisters.  One was holding her blanket and having so much fun rubbing it on her face and singing a little song to herself.  It was apparent the blanket was a  treasure that had been around for many naps and bedtimes.  It had been loved a lot!  Her older sister was bored and wanted to annoy the little one, so she kept trying to upset her.  The youngest turned her back to her and tried to keep her sister out of her world.  The oldest protested out loud to her mom, and  a distracted mom chided the little one.  She gave them both a short lecture on getting along.  When they were done, the little one lovingly looked at her sister and said, “You can feel my snuggly!”  As we get moving in this busy life, we might be singing a song in our own little world, and not want to deal with the others who get too close and even slightly annoy us.  “This is my snuggly and I’m not sharing”.  Only when we offer it to another is it’s value truly seen.  In the sharing of the things we treasure most, do we truly get blessed with joy, and the song we sing as we move away is sweeter still.

So I say to each of you this day from my own often selfish heart….

“You can feel my snuggly!”

My God is so Big, so Strong and so Mighty!

Many years ago when my daughters were preschoolers, we got to live in England thanks to the Air Force.  Jim was a pilot and we lived in a lovely village and my two blonde haired blue-eyed girls had a thick British accent.  Midway through our tour in England the government offered us a trip home to America.  Jim wasn’t able to leave at that time, so I decided to take the girls home to Texas to visit my parents. I was a little anxious to fly all alone with two little girls.  I prayed that the Lord would keep us safe and take care of us.   My girls were always good in restaurants and trips.  They just behaved and rarely acted out.  While we were waiting to board our plane, a very well dressed man was sitting near us.  He commented on how cute and well behaved Dawn and Andi were.  He asked where we were going and we shared that we were flying into Dallas and then getting a connecting flight to Austin where my parents would meet us.  It had been two years since I had seen my family and I was excited.  When we got on board the plane, the well dressed man brought us “First Class gifts” from the First class section. It seems he was an executive for the airline we were flying.  He told the flight attendant to take extra good care of us.  I bowed my head and thanked God for His extra help during this flight.  I know it was His touch we felt. We were delayed taking off.  I got a little concerned about making our connecting flight.  When we finally landed and I saw the huge customs line I knew we would not make our flight to Austin.  The executive said, “Are you going to miss your flight?”  I said I thought we would.  He said, “No, you won’t miss it, I will take you to your flight in my limo.”  What!  Thank you Lord!  My parents were at the airport in Austin.  This was way before cell phones and texting!  Mom was worried when she saw what time out flight landed in Dallas and told Dad that we would miss our flight.  My dad who does NOT believe in God said this statement….”Karen’s God will get her here!” When we landed in Austin on time, I got to share how sweetly Karen’s God got her there.  He used an executive to assist her.  It was a good witness of my God’s faithfulness.  It is a memory I cherish, when times are challenging and I have to look to that same God for answers and help.  Karen’s God will get me there.  Yes, yes, He will!  Oh, and we had our luggage too!


You never know how a kind deed can effect a person.  I wrote this, long before there was such a thing as a blog!  There weren’t even computers back then! I wrote it when we lived in England and I was homesick for America and my family.  I was the mother of two small children with a husband who flew fighter jets for the Air Force.  I lived in a small English village and I was isolated from my American friends and it cost to make a phone call, and gas was very expensive.  Here is the story:

I didn’t want to go to church last night.  I wanted to curl up in a dark hole and escape.  I felt insignificant and unloved.  Not unloved by Jim and the girls but a sad emptiness inside me.  But since I miss the morning worship time because I helped  in the church nursery, Jim encouraged  me go to the evening worship because he knew I needed the fellowship.

On the way to church I told God I really needed to be loved and that He would have to send someone to me, because I felt too insecure even to seek someone out.

When I got to church, I sat by a new friend and her husband and I enjoyed the service.  After church another friend I hadn’t seen in a while said hello and that was nice too.  The emptiness remained.  Just as I was about to leave, Richard, a man who is one of the ushers, came back to my seat.  Thinking he wanted my hymnals, I started to hand them to him.  He said he didn’t want the song books, he just came to tell me he loved me.  In a tender way he wrapped his arms around me and hugged me, like you’d hug a child.  He hugged me twice!  I was so shocked; I can’t even remember my response.  But I know that Jesus, through my friend Richard, touched  my heart last night.  I will hold that love in a special place to throw back at the devil the next time he lies to me.

You have to realize that Richard was British, and they are not know for displays of affection.  I was feeling a little discouraged and down this morning.  I got an email for a friend that really blessed me and was as good as the hug from Richard.  When the Holy Spirit whispers in your ear to do something for someone, please be obedient.  Richard hugged me 30 years ago, but the memory of that encounter remains in my heart even today.

Come away and rest a while!

I posted these pictures some time back.  They remind us to get away now and then and focus on the main thing.  Jesus is the main thing!

John 16:33 Message

I’ve told you all this so that trusting me, you will be unshakable and assured, deeply at peace.

Why is the blog called Onion Blossom?

ornamental onion Stock Photo - 4919582

I wrote this piece in the early 80’s.  I was trying to express what happened in my life when Jesus found me.  I am sharing it today so you will understand why this blog is called Onion Blossom.  If you don’t know the One who helped me leave the dirt and sin and bloom, I pray you find Him.  By the way, onions do bloom!  Isn’t that awesome!

I used to be an onion, I lived in the complete darkness of a sin filled life.  I didn’t have even a concept of Light.  All the dirt, rocks, and dampness made life unbearable.  I was a sad empty onion, going nowhere.  Jesus passed my way one day, and as He did, I caught a glimpse of Light and Peace, and I hungered for more.  As I prayed in my darkness, He touched me, me an onion!  I didn’t deserve His touch, but He cared about me.  What a glorious day!  I sent up a stem to the bright warm sun and the fresh air of a brand new day.  From this stem a flower bloomed, and the flower was me!  Jesus gave me a flower all my own.  And now in Christ, I’m growing and blooming, but most of all I’m free.  Thank you Jesus for dying for me when I was only an onion!

This blog is for all the onions that don’t see a way out of the darkness.  Christ is alive and able to lift you out of your pit, and keep you out. He holds you in the palm of His Nailed scarred hand!

This is a drawing a friend drew for me when she read Onion Blossom.  It is the cover of my devotional called Onion Blossom!