My Joy


Wall of rock

Succulents tucked between stones

Spilling over

Growing joyfully.

He said He wanted

To leave me His JOY!

He tucked it in

The crevices of my heart

Deep so it wouldn’t wilt.

Planted with love and care

It grows and blossoms

Even in the dry times,

Even in the stormy times.

He promised

His JOY.

It always

Brings beauty to the

Broken places.

And I am complete

In His JOY!



John 15:11 (NIV)

 I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete.


Under the fig tree

fig tree

I thought I was hidden

Under the fig tree.


By branches,

But not hidden from

Your Eyes.

You saw me there,

And You called me

To “follow”.

When my friend

Came and told me,

You were

The One,

The One who knew me,

Even before I saw You,

Heard Your Voice,

Felt Your Peace,

I ran to You

So fast,

I left my shoes,

Under the fig tree.


Based on John 1:48

For Jim

Jim at the pond


He has taught me many things

This man who’s heart I love.

To capture and release all the

Bugs that try to invade our home.

To stop and rub a dog’s head

Every chance you get.

To look for beauty even in

The most barren seasons,

And when found to stop,

And take note.

To share positive thoughts

In a negative world,

With words that change my attitude

In the blink of an eye.

Today is your birthday,

Today I write for you.

Thank you for being a patient teacher

Of a slow learner!

Happy birthday my love!

Happy birthday Jim!

Winter waves

 cold bird


Blue Norther,

Winters last gasp.

Waves of roaring wind,

Ocean sounds,

Never liked the sound of waves

Always drained me.

Makes me shiver,

Pull the covers closer.

Snuggle with my

Living hot water bottle.

Dog pressed into

My belly tight.

Morning brings

Clockwise circle of birds.

Taking turns on the feeder,

Eating through the cold,

Chirping despite the gusts.

Makes me pursue,

Push toward,

Chase after,



On this March morning.



Killing the blues




Sipping my tea,

Joni Mitchell overload.

Paint brush,

Paper patterned bright,

I always love paper.

All an effort to kill

All in an effort to kill

The blues.

Death certificate came


And nothing seems to

Dull the sad.

The tears my eyes

Hold tight.

Trying to

Kill the blues.

This paper I do not love.

This paper I can’t turn into

Something pretty

Or beautiful.

RIP Little Girl.