DSCN0621You said it


Ask ,


And then

Just thank!

Thank as if

My request

Was answered.

Letting go,

Being still,

Not as easy

As it sounds!

So I thank you

For the GRACE,

To wait!



A walk among diamonds 2015



Diamond 2

We are cold for our area today.  Never got out of the 30’s, but never got quite to freezing.  Just stayed on the border.  The dogs and people all needed to get outdoors, so we bundled up and went for a walk.  Imagine our delight when we saw God had touched all the vegetation with sprinkles of diamonds.  Since it didn’t freeze it was just water, but perfect in it’s loveliness!  Breathtaking!

Diamond 4

This was a spider’s web covered in beauty.

diamond 5

Diamond 7

Even dandelions were decked out in sparkles!

Happy New Year to each of you!  Praying God blesses your life in ways you never imagined!  Thank you for taking time to read my posts.  I value each reader more than you know!



Diamond 6

Liquid laughter



Slow evolution.

Laughter, so purely happy,


Like a different language.

A soprano quality,

More joyful,

Pure and clear.

And my reflection

Seemed like a stranger

A stranger that was


Smiling and laughing.

And my head tilted


Winking at the

Creator of

The smile,

The Creator of

The laughter.

The smile got wider

And the laughter

Became liquid

And fell from

My eyes.

The deep end!


I dove in

Threw caution

And logic out the


Didn’t think of

The possible outcome.

Just wanted to

Feel the coolness,

The waves

In the pool of Grace.

I wasn’t beside

The “still waters”

I was in

The deep end,

And I floated,

I floated,

Like I was in

The Dead Sea!

Grace like

An ocean

Grace all over me!


I am so

Chrissy 2

My brother’s daughter lost her battle with sadness and illness a few days ago.  This is for you sweet girl, this is for you grieving daddy, grieving momma, grieving sisters.  She mattered, she matters.

I search for words

To comfort your heart

But my thoughts are

In a tornado of sorrow

And the numbness

Numbs my fingers

To type words

Numbs my mouth

To whisper words.

I cannot fathom

She is gone,

And I am so,

I am so,

I am so

Desert March


Isaiah 58:11(NLT)

 The Lord will guide you continually,
    giving you water when you are dry
    and restoring your strength.
You will be like a well-watered garden,
    like an ever-flowing spring.


In the desert march

I look for your shadow,

To rest in the coolness

If only for a moment.

You lead,

Even in this arid place

Void of moisture,

Where hope and peace

Still abide.

I scan the horizon

For a glimpse of green,

In this sun-scorched land,

As you strengthen

My frame,

I give you

My praise…

I walk on.