Killing the blues




Sipping my tea,

Joni Mitchell overload.

Paint brush,

Paper patterned bright,

I always love paper.

All an effort to kill

All in an effort to kill

The blues.

Death certificate came


And nothing seems to

Dull the sad.

The tears my eyes

Hold tight.

Trying to

Kill the blues.

This paper I do not love.

This paper I can’t turn into

Something pretty

Or beautiful.

RIP Little Girl.



I am so

Chrissy 2

My brother’s daughter lost her battle with sadness and illness a few days ago.  This is for you sweet girl, this is for you grieving daddy, grieving momma, grieving sisters.  She mattered, she matters.

I search for words

To comfort your heart

But my thoughts are

In a tornado of sorrow

And the numbness

Numbs my fingers

To type words

Numbs my mouth

To whisper words.

I cannot fathom

She is gone,

And I am so,

I am so,

I am so