My Joy


Wall of rock

Succulents tucked between stones

Spilling over

Growing joyfully.

He said He wanted

To leave me His JOY!

He tucked it in

The crevices of my heart

Deep so it wouldn’t wilt.

Planted with love and care

It grows and blossoms

Even in the dry times,

Even in the stormy times.

He promised

His JOY.

It always

Brings beauty to the

Broken places.

And I am complete

In His JOY!



John 15:11 (NIV)

 I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete.

For Jim

Jim at the pond


He has taught me many things

This man who’s heart I love.

To capture and release all the

Bugs that try to invade our home.

To stop and rub a dog’s head

Every chance you get.

To look for beauty even in

The most barren seasons,

And when found to stop,

And take note.

To share positive thoughts

In a negative world,

With words that change my attitude

In the blink of an eye.

Today is your birthday,

Today I write for you.

Thank you for being a patient teacher

Of a slow learner!

Happy birthday my love!

Happy birthday Jim!

Winter waves

 cold bird


Blue Norther,

Winters last gasp.

Waves of roaring wind,

Ocean sounds,

Never liked the sound of waves

Always drained me.

Makes me shiver,

Pull the covers closer.

Snuggle with my

Living hot water bottle.

Dog pressed into

My belly tight.

Morning brings

Clockwise circle of birds.

Taking turns on the feeder,

Eating through the cold,

Chirping despite the gusts.

Makes me pursue,

Push toward,

Chase after,



On this March morning.



Liquid laughter



Slow evolution.

Laughter, so purely happy,


Like a different language.

A soprano quality,

More joyful,

Pure and clear.

And my reflection

Seemed like a stranger

A stranger that was


Smiling and laughing.

And my head tilted


Winking at the

Creator of

The smile,

The Creator of

The laughter.

The smile got wider

And the laughter

Became liquid

And fell from

My eyes.



Acorns drop

Crunch as I walk.

The Elm drops seeds.

They fly in

When we open the door.

Small signs

Despite lack of coolness.

Something new came,


It blew in like the Elm seeds

When I opened the door,


She blew in with the

Breeze I feel on my face.

I think she came to stay.

We danced together

In the rain!


Greater Joy


beach 2014


I tried to cling to it

Keep it tucked in my


It dissipated

Like manna in the desert.

Needed fresh every day.


I found it in pinkies held out,

Silly laughing tea parties.

Sea glass exchanged on a

Rocky shore.

Faces close in deep


Secrets, hopes shared.

I found the

Greater JOY!

It was closer

More abundant

Than I ever imagined.

It filled up more

Than my pockets.

So much more.

I found it in the numbering

The numbering of JOYS!

tea with Lu


Seeking JOY



Blue often seems to be the hardest color to find in flowers, at least in our neck of the woods.  Lots of red and yellow but blue is rare.


Jim found this blue butterfly on this almost blue flower.  It is really more purple.


Jim found this blue passion-flower blooming in the woods.  It looks too tropical to be in our dry Texas green belt!

RSCN0356 - Copy

Breath taking to say the least!

This past week it has been a struggle to look for Joy not frustration, hopelessness, despair!  To seek Joy takes effort, like searching for blue.  I find it when I sit and spend time with the Giver of Joy!  I find it to be readily available, if I look expecting to find!  I do look and I do find Joy in abundance, just like the blue flowers!  I number the Joy like Jim takes the photos!  I keep a record to remind myself,

“Greater is He who is in me, than he who is in the world!”

Enjoy the blue, and keep seeking JOY! It is closer than you think!  Just whisper His name.  Jesus is the Giver of JOY!






Volume tuning


I read this statement this morning on a random blog:

Healing is a capacity to feel both JOY and Sorrow.

For the longest time I joked that my “crier” was broken.  I felt things, but as if the volume was turned down, turned down too much. In recent months my volume has been adjusting.  Moving into a more level position.  Simple steps helped.  I stopped watching a little morning TV.  I chose to just sit on my deck and watch the birds, sip my tea, number my blessings and pray in my day.  The next step was writing down the Scripture treasures I found in those quiet moments.  I put them in a small flip style notebook.  I would review them over and over and over again.  The funny thing is quiet reset my volume faster than loud ever could.  I sought out quiet.  When I designed cards, I didn’t turn on the TV or music, I worked in silence.


I numbered the joys.  I looked for beauty each day and recorded them.  Not always on paper, but always in my heart and mind.


Blue jay squawking at me to put out another suet block, humming birds dive bombing each other, and rain, this summer we had some rain!  It smells good and refreshes me like little else can.  I try to drop my worries like they are hot potatoes, quickly before they get too blown up out of proportion.  The why the “crier” was broken and the volume was too low is not the issue, the issue is restoration and bridge building, and joy showers!  It’s moving forward, slowly on purpose, drinking it all in with JOY, PEACE, GRACE, and HOPE!  I don’t have a reset button, but I am feeling reset, and I didn’t do much, He did!  Thank you Lord for being with me each day and directing my path.



Pockets full



Fish breaking the surface

Greedy for food.

I sip my tea and drop tiny pellets

Turtles circle and do their turtle dance.

The morning sun casts her spell on the water surface

Like glitter and mirrors sparkling bright.

Even the birds seem hushed

While I think I hear a sound,

One I long for.

Fall is knocking at the door.

Summer is reluctantly slipping out the window.

Morning at the pond.

And I walk home with a little more

Joy in my pocket than I need.

Worries and turtle food

Are floating on the surface of

The water.


Mist and Fog

Isaiah 44:22  I’ve blotted out your sins, they are gone like morning mist at noon.  Oh return to me, for I have paid the price to set you free.

Walking on a misty morning I am thankful for a visual and tactile reminder of what Christ has done for me.  My sin is vaporized and gone……and I AM FREE! He just wants me to live free and see myself through His blood, clean and confident in Him.  Be convicted not condemned oh my soul.  I love misty mornings with my tender Savior.