For Jim

Jim at the pond


He has taught me many things

This man who’s heart I love.

To capture and release all the

Bugs that try to invade our home.

To stop and rub a dog’s head

Every chance you get.

To look for beauty even in

The most barren seasons,

And when found to stop,

And take note.

To share positive thoughts

In a negative world,

With words that change my attitude

In the blink of an eye.

Today is your birthday,

Today I write for you.

Thank you for being a patient teacher

Of a slow learner!

Happy birthday my love!

Happy birthday Jim!



This story happened years ago, but my love for my husband remains strong and true.  Today we celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary.  40 years of true love!  I love to remember this day when my young husband expressed his love for me in a memorable way.  Here it is:

I walked out the front door to take Dawn to school, and etched on the sidewalk in chalk, Jim had lovingly written, JNW loves KTW in the center of a huge heart with an arrow through it.  Well it just sent me into orbit and back again.  What a neat surprise!

As I looked closer, I noticed the chalk was left on the sidewalk as if waiting for some response.  I picked it up and wrote DITTO, dotting the “I” with a heart, and put an exclamation point on the end.

Jim, thank you for 40 years!  Thank you for all the times you have supported me and thank you for the encouragement I needed to be ME!  Because of you my faith in God is deeper and stronger than it would have been alone!  I was lonely before YOU! Now I am the happiest woman I know!  I love you forever!  Karen


Sharing Communion

We had communion today at church.  The Middle school choir led worship and it was so good.  I love hearing them and I love communion.  That made church today a home run!  Jim and I have been married for 39 years.  Our relationship is something God put together.  I don’t recall how this tradition started.  We never saw anyone else do it.  We rarely tell anyone about it either.  This is it.  This is what we do!  When the wafers come by, we take and  eat it when we are told.  When the juice comes, Jim takes a cup and I do not.  No I am not allergic to grape juice.  We began many years ago, sharing the cup between us.  He drinks first and I drink second.  It doesn’t lessen the significance of what the cup stands for.  I know the price Jesus paid for our sin.  Sharing the cup with Jim shows our unity in Christ in a special way.  Thank you Lord for communion and for my husband. I look forward to sharing communion with Jesus in heaven one day.  Until heaven I will share my cup with Jim. The photo below is Jim holding my hand.  Another tradition.  When there is prayer over a meal, or during a service, we always hold hands.  Our hands are older but they fit together perfectly.

He was waiting for ME!

When I was a Senior in college at Southwest Texas State University,  I decided to give up on men and concentrate on my teaching career.  I had dated a few losers and was burned out.  I had also become a Christian and found myself moving in another direction.  I had taken all my required subjects except student teaching, so I needed a few electives to complete my degree in Elementary Education.  At the time I was living at my home in San Marcos, Texas with my parents.  I also worked part-time at a pharmacy to make enough money to pay tuition and buy necessities.  Anyway, since I needed some electives, I was sprawled out on the living room floor of my parents home, looking at the college catalog for the fall semester.  I was having a hard time picking anything interesting and EASY!  My mom said, “Take sociology, I enjoyed that class.” It sounded hard and I was concerned as a new Christian, if it would jive with my new faith.  Because I couldn’t find anything else that fit into my schedule, I signed up for Sociology 101.  I sat on the front row to help me try to focus.  I was anxious about this class.  A cute guy sat beside me, but remember, I was off boys!  One day in class, several weeks into the semester, the cute guy beside me got a note to call home ASAP.  He lived in California.  (Okay I had talked to him some!)  That evening I called his dorm room and spoke to him.  He told me everything was okay and thanked me for checking on him.  The next time that class met the professor didn’t show, so the guy and I walked out together and chatted for quite a while.  He didn’t tell me why he got the note to call home, but I could tell it was bothering him.  I told him a little about Jesus and my new faith.  He told me he might call me that weekend.  I told him my number.  Well that weekend, we had a terrible ice storm and we lost power and phone service.  The guy didn’t call me and I was a tiny bit disappointed.  Okay, a lot disappointed!  This guy and I usually saw each other on MWF as I walked out of my psychology class and he walked into his criminal justice class.  There was a guy in my psychology class who had my class and the cute guy’s class that followed mine.  He stood up on that Monday and started leaving the class. I asked him why he was leaving and he said they weren’t having their criminal justice class that day.  I was bummed because that meant I wouldn’t see the cute guy.  As I walked out the door of my class I looked down the stairs and there he was, the cute guy.  He was standing there waiting for someone.  He was waiting for me!!!!!!  Our eyes met, the heavens opened, my heart started thumping out of my chest and in an instant I knew, I’m in love, I’m a believer in love! The cute guy asked me to go have lunch with him.  Today, September 28th , we celebrate our 39th wedding anniversary.  I love him more than ever.  I can still see in my mind him standing at the bottom of the stairs that day in December of 1972.  I see it like a video.  It is the day my life began!  I love you Jim Worth!  I love you more than words! Happy Anniversary! Thank you God for giving me a wonderful husband.  I know your hand picked him for me!

How do you feel? :0)

After almost thirty-nine years of marriage I often feel like Jim and I are so similar and we can almost read each others minds.  The only time we don’t seem to mesh is when one of us is sick.  When Jim is sick, he doesn’t want me to do anything for him.  He doesn’t want me to talk to him or ask if he needs an Advil, or if I really want to tick him off, ask if he should see the doctor!  I know these things, and yet I still try to mother him when he is sick!  Those of you who have a husband who turns into a big baby when they are sick, can’t relate.  When I am sick, I want someone to bring me a blanket and make me a cup of tea and ask me how I feel!  He knows this and he does all the sweet things I need to feel better!  We were both sick last week at the same time.  I tried to take care of him, and he did sweet things for me.  Somehow we have learned that I can’t help trying to take care of him, and even though it goes against his nature, he will still take care of me! Now that’s a marriage! I wouldn’t trade my husband even on a sick day!

Worth the wait!

patience buddy, patience

I should be better at waiting for things, considering my advancing age.  Jim is so good at it, except maybe when he’s driving, and even then, he is better than most!  The past few days I have had to wait more than normal for repairmen who don’t show up.  This frustrates me since I try to keep my promises.  Anyway while ironing today I started thinking about the times I have waited for something and it was worth the wait. I waited for Jim to come along, my knight in shining armor!  I waited for my daughters enduring two second trimester miscarriages, they were so worth the wait!  I waited, not patiently, for the sales person to come from a meeting and show us the lot we now have our dream house on.  It was worth waiting for.  I am also waiting for Jesus to return for us, and that is hard to wait for, but when it happens, it will be worth the wait!  So I write this blog as I wait for that repairman to pull up. He may not come today, but that’s really not important!  So many things are worth waiting for!



This story happened years ago, but my love for my husband remains strong and true.  Here it is:

I walked out the front door to take Dawn to school, and etched on the sidewalk in chalk, Jim had lovingly written, JNW loves KTW in the center of a huge heart with an arrow through it.  Well it just sent me into orbit and back again.  What a neat surprise!

As I looked closer, I noticed the chalk was left on the sidewalk as if waiting for some response.  I picked it up and wrote DITTO, dotting the “I” with a heart, and put an exclamation point on the end.

It seems to me Jesus tells us over and over he loves us, and we’re glad, but like Jim, He’s waiting for a response. So I am saying to you Jesus….KTW loves JESUS …explanation point!

A Second Chance


This is a long blog, but stick with me.  When I dated Jim my senior year of college he informed me, after I was smitten, that he was in the Air Force and after Officers Training School, he would be attending flight training.  No one I knew and no one in my family was in the military.  I was concerned about the dangers of flying and wasn’t sure I was cut out to be a pilot’s wife.  This was during Viet Nam, so it was extra scary.  I had nightmares of planes crashing for weeks.  Well despite my fears, as a new Christian the Lord showed me that it was His plan for Jim and I to marry, and slowly and with his help, I became a pilot’s wife.  After Jim graduated from flight school, he became an instructor pilot and by the time that assignment was up, Viet Nam was over.  When they closed the base we found out that Jim’s next assignment was to fly the F-111.  It was his dream to be a Fighter pilot, so he was thrilled.  When we got to our base, I found out this aircraft had some issues and there had been a number of crashes.  I learned more and more to trust God with Jim and made Jim promise never to step into the cockpit without praying.  You can bet I was praying all the time.  After that assignment we were sent to RAF Lakenheath in England.  There we learned even more to trust the Lord and grew more in our faith there than ever.  We had two little girls at the time and life was busy.  On Wednesdays the girls had ballet lessons at the base and if Jim was free for dinner, we occasionally met at the club for their Wednesday night Mexican food.  We couldn’t even buy tortillas in England, so this was a huge treat.  One Wednesday evening after ballet lessons, the girls and I were waiting for Jim in the entryway of the Officer’s club.  Jim was flying that afternoon, but he assured me he would be able to meet us for dinner.  As I set there with my two tiny ballerinas, both under the age of 5, a pilot I knew walked out of the bar where the pilots would meet after work to tell all their flying tales.  He looked at me and  seemed surprised to see me.  He asked if I was waiting for Jim.  I said yes and he started to stammer and look upset and said he had to go.  I realized that something was very wrong, and I was pretty sure Jim was in an accident.  I told God that He was going to have to help me with whatever was about to happen, because I was just a young woman, in a foreign country, with two small girls.  I felt all the blood drain out of my body.  I remained calm and really started praying.  I didn’t want to frighten the girls, but I was shaking like crazy.  I assumed that the people who tell you your husband has crashed were at my house trying to figure out where I was.  I assumed the pilot friend I saw went to call people to tell them where to find me to share the news.  I was actually amazed at how at peace I became.  Well thankfully about 30 minutes later Jim walked through the door.  He was alive and well, but mad as could be, which is rare for him.  I asked him if he had an accident and he said yes, a mid-air.  What!   Jim was flying as the instructor pilot in a jet that has two seats side by side.  They were flying as a two ship (two planes flying together) in some cloudy weather.  The guy behind wasn’t the greatest pilot and he bumped into Jim’s plane.  It was a minor accident, but when you have an accident in the Air Force they take a blood sample and you go through a long recorded briefing.  Jim HATES blood tests and after he de-briefed them, they found out the tape recorder wasn’t working, so he had to do it again.  The reason the pilot friend looked so shocked to see me, is he thought Jim was dead.  He had heard their was a mid-air and Jim was involved and they didn’t see any chutes.  Jim just wanted to go eat some dinner and forget about it.  I burst into tears and could barely stand.  I was so thankful that he was alive and okay.  He was angry that somebody had bumped into his aircraft.  We finished our dinner and went home.  I loved Jim before the accident, but I don’t think I ever realized how much I really loved him until that day.  I was so thankful to still have him and so thankful to the Lord for being my Savior and my friend.  I stared out the window the following morning and had waves of gratitude wash over me.  Jim got to fly for thousands of hours and even flew in combat, and I learned that God would help me through whatever the Air Force threw at us.  I was so thankful for that second chance, and I never wanted to take Jim for granted! I cherish each day we are together.